What Is Lattes & Lipstick?

    The idea to start a blog was a back and forth decision for many months while Staci completed her BA at University of South Carolina but on the advice of friends she took the plunge, bought a domain name and created Lattes & Lipstick in January 2014. That same month she moved to London to begin her MA and move in with her long distance boyfriend (now fiancé) of 2 years. L&L was first designed as a way to keep friends and family up to date on her schooling, culture shock and first time living with a guy – ha!

    After just a few months of being a postgraduate student, Staci was contacted by the University of Westminster, enquiring whether she would be willing to volunteer as an International Student blogger for the institution, where she had started her MA in International Security. After somehow convincing them to let her blog for them despite only blogging for a few months, L&L became a success on their site and 2 years later still has some of their top posts!

    What was once a personal journal with a few student-based tips and tricks is now a broad online destination for a relatable lifestyle, featuring everything from relationships, tips for traveling with your dog to new books to read. We even feature articles from other bloggers to keep L&L fresh and inspiring for our readers.

    Who is Staci West?

    A self professed caffeine addict & habitual over dresser who can’t sit still for too long. I believe that everything should be red velvet, I’ll drink champagne any day of the week and dream about donuts regularly.

    I’m a girly girl at heart, lipstick enthusiast and a vicarious reader. I love fresh flowers and every Audrey Hepburn movie. I seek out adventure with my loving fiancé and our labrador Kendall. I’m overly curious and quizzical – I love to read and study, which is probably what led to an MA in International Security. I’m passionate about books and exploring the world.

    I love to get lost and actively seek out colourful moments and the hidden side of London, whether it be a bright door or flowers decorating the sidewalk. I have a permanent smile on my face and love to use exclamation points! But above all else, I want to live colourfully, be undeniably me and live life outside my comfort zone.

    Lattes & Lipstick focuses on providing a genuine lifestyle and travel experience from fashion, food, fitness, wedding planning and everything in between. Enjoy stepping into my world!

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    • Luciana V. Suárez

      Hello Staci: I know you from Tumblr, because we both love books, and i saw that you have this blog, which i love because it’s a combination of all kinds of wonderful things and i particulary love your recipes and advices. Sounds like you have a very exciting life in a wonderful country. I’ll check your updates. Hope you’re having a great weekend. Xoxo!

      • Lattesnlipstick

        Hello! I’m so glad you found me and enjoy my blog. The recipes are something new I’m trying to work on, so I’m happy someone is looking forward to them. Keep in touch, I love reading people’s comments. xx

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